Why KBM Data Services?

A legacy of leadership. A reputation for results.

Only KBM Group's iBehavior data cooperative has the data intelligence and statistical expertise that comes from more than a decade of aggregating and modeling the SKU-level purchase history of more than 190 million individual consumers. Our statistical modelers hold advanced degrees and have well-honed expertise in cooperative services, multi-channel marketing, direct marketing, publishing and advertising. 

We have the unmatched products, education, and know-how to be your trusted partner in data and interactive services.

  • KBM Group's iBehavior data cooperative was the first based on SKU-level data

  • Unique data collection on individual purchasers as well as households

  • iBehavior's Statistical Analysis Team dedicated to building models and analyzing transaction data

  • Focusing on data collection at granular level allows creation of precise, predictive models

  • Only cooperative to offer behavioral targeting across all channels: PostalOnlineEmailMobile and In-Home Addressable



Data is at the heart of effective, relevant marketing. Our AmeriLINK® consumer database and iBehavior® cooperative database provide hundreds of data points and modeling options for accurate views of best prospects and current customers, as well as for fresh insights and customer intelligence.

We're not just data collectors. We're data experts. Good data is more than the sum of it's historical, transactional or real-time nature. It tells a consumer's story. Our U.S. and global data assets, both online and offline, can play a key role in enriching your own data.

Our Zipline DMP™ brings data intelligence to marketing initiatives across all channels, and for all kinds of marketers - brands, agencies, publishers. With the Zipline data management platform you are empowered with:


Create digital audiences from your offline data for online marketing campaigns.


Gain greater insight on the visitors to your website to better understand the people who are interested in your business.


Expand your audience by reaching individuals who fall outside of your data universe, but "look like" your target audience.


Build a custom audience of target customers based on purchase behavior, demographics and lifestyle information from Zipline's data partners.


Measure the performance of your campaigns and the impact your messages have on customer engagement with your brand.