International Data Services

KBM Group Launches Global Capabilities Across: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Japan & the UK

KBM Group, LLC, the leader in providing a full spectrum of data-driven marketing solutions has expanded its global capabilities.

Their acquisition of iBehavior, LLC in 2010, a market leader in consumer and business transaction data, as well as their Zipline Data Management Platform, has accelerated KBM's vision of a comprehensive marketing solution that delivers true one-to-one marketing capabilities, with Omni channel reach, across the globe. 

Zipline Data Management Platform

The Zipline DMP™ centralizes data management and offers new ways to reach your target customers: Onboard your data, gain greater insights into your data, expand your audiences, build custom audiences, and measure the performance of your campaigns within a single platform. Users can access Zipline for free by signing up for an account.

Zipline currently has integrated systems deployed across the globe including: Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, UK, and North America.

Zipline connects marketing applications and media platforms, with expansive data assets, dynamic insight, and analytics.  By onboarding customer data into the targeting, measurement, and personalization products developed by our team, we help leading brands eliminate marketing spend waste and run more efficient marketing programs.

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KBM Group's Data Driven Solutions

KBM Group now offers data cooperative and digital audience solutions, to direct marketers and brand advertisers across the globe, to provide greater efficiencies in both their postal mail and digital marketing campaigns.

KBM Group offers email, online display and data management platform solutions in France.

KBM Group has partnered with the leading data cooperative in France to bring digital marketing solutions and data append opportunities to companies marketing their products and services in France. Through our subsidiary, Predictys, KBM Group can help companies reach consumers through email prospecting campaigns. In conjunction, with the Zipline Data Management Platform, companies can better leverage and monetize their data.

Improving marketing performance since 1999.

As a member of KBM Group's iBehavior Data Cooperative, you'll benefit from our experience helping more than 2,800 merchants reach the right consumers for their brand. Just as they do in the U.S., our solutions will help serve the marketing needs of a variety of industries, including retail, catalog, charity, solo/continuity, financial services, and publishing. Currently, our U.K. cooperative database includes more than 27 million consumers, and we're adding new merchant members each week.

For more information on our services :

Australia/Japan: Jason Dodge, Managing Director,

Brazil: Luis Machado, Country Manager,

China: Jason Dodge, Managing Director,

EU: Leighton Cuff, Managing Director,

India: Baldeep Singh, Country Manager,

North America: Martin Smith, General Manager, Digital & Data,