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The Zipline Data Management Platform centralizes data management and offers new ways to reach your target customers: On-board your data to reach customers through digital channels or access Zipline's rich portal of data assets to build a custom audience for digital marketing.


KBM Group's Data Management Platform

Zipline is KBM Group's Data Management Platform, providing the data collection, management, analysis and intelligence to find the patterns, targets, action items and opportunities that brands, agencies and ad networks are looking for. The Zipline DMP is an enterprise-scaled data management platform that helps marketers connect, transform and activate customer and third-party data. It works like an integrated network to both connect and transform disparate data into efficient marketing return. 

Zipline data unlocks powerful marketing insights and creates targetable audiences for omni-channel use. Zipline enables users to centralize their marketing efforts reaching across the web, social media, mobile devices, email, display and direct mail campaigns.

Zipline is backed by our commitment to help you better manage your brand, launch and grow product portfolios, optimize your creative campaigns and establish lasting customer relationships. 

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Agencies and Brand Marketers: Zipline on-boards and manages your data to reach current customers and prospects through new channels and improve targeting for improved marketing efficiencies.

Ad Networks, Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and Data Aggregators: Zipline enhances your data with additional attributes to improve targeting. Your new, refined audiences will generate increased revenue.

Data Originators and CRM Managers: Zipline will on-board your offline data to expand into digital channels and provide new revenue opportunities with our ad network and data platform partners. 

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