Privacy Policy/Data Security Q&A

Updated February 7, 2014

What does the KBM Group Interactive privacy policy cover?

KBM Group Interactive, is the interactive business unit of KBM Group. KBM Group is a data and analytics firm that aggregates and manages the purchase transaction data from its more than 2,000 multi-channel merchant members.  This data is modeled by expert statisticians to help companies reach relevant consumers for their marketing initiatives.  The company's foundation has been focused on helping direct marketers in their offline initiatives, however, this data is now available for use across email and online channels as well. In the case of online marketing, all Personally Identifiable Information or "PII" data is removed and is not used for any online marketing purposes. The KBM Group Interactive privacy policy covers KBM Group Interactive products and services. "KBM Group Interactive" refers to our KBM Group Interactive systems. 

What type of data do you receive?

KBM Group receives transactional data (i.e. Shoe Purchase) from our clients who are members of KBM Group's iBehavior data cooperative. This data is received when customers have purchased products, registered at a website or in some other way consented to having their personally identified data shared with third parties, such as KBM Group. KBM Group also receives anonymous web browsing data from our data cooperative member websites as well as other third party partners such as ad networks.  

How is that data used by KBM Group Interactive?

The aggregated purchase information (i.e. Shoe Buyer) which KBM Group receives from members of KBM Group's iBehavior data cooperative is used in conjunction with demographic and lifestyle information, to build statistical models and create Addressable Audiences. Once the Addressable Audiences are created, all PII is removed and the Non-PII audiences are shared with selected third parties. All online advertisements served using Addressable Audiences, as well as all KBM Group Interactive products, are done so anonymously. Furthermore, most Addressable Audiences contain 1 million or more individuals per audience to further protect individual identity and provide meaningful scale for advertisers.

The anonymous web browsing data which KBM Group receives from our merchant websites is aggregated and used to create interest based, or In-Market Audiences. This anonymous web browsing data is also used to create Re-Targeting Audiences. Addressable Audiences, In-Market Audiences, and Re-Targeting Audiences are all used by our clients as well as select partners such as publishers, ad networks and demand side platforms to help improve the consumer experience by delivering relevant advertisements to those consumers.

Does KBM Group Interactive use or store any sensitive data?

KBM Group Interactive does not use or store any sensitive data (financial accounts, health information, credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.) and we do not target users on the basis of sensitive information such as health conditions or financial information. We may, however, target users on the basis of interest in health-related products, such as vitamins and supplements.

Does KBM Group Interactive share data?

Yes. KBM Group Interactive shares Addressable Audience data, In-Market Audience data and Re-Targeting Audience data with our clients as well as selected third parties such as ad networks, demand side platforms and publishers. This anonymous data helps consumers receive relevant advertisements and offers from marketers based on their interests and their past purchases. KBM Group Interactive also shares performance information such clicks, views, lands, and conversions with our clients for the purposes of analysis, performance measurement and improvement of future advertising and marketing programs.

Are KBM Group Interactive ads served anonymously?


When do consumers receive notice that they are participating in KBM Group Interactive?

Each of our clients and partners are required to provide the consumer notice that their information may be shared with other third parties (i.e. KBM Group), and provide consumers a choice as to whether or not they agree to participate. This notice and choice is typically presented in the form of that client's or partner's privacy policy, displayed at the time the consumer makes a purchase online or registers at the website. The privacy policy must state that the registration or purchase information is voluntarily submitted and that it may be shared with third parties to improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts online and/or offline.

Do I need to renew my choice about participating in KBM Group Interactive?

If you buy a new computer, install a new browser or delete cookies, you will need to renew your choice about participating in KBM Group Interactive.

When do KBM Group Interactive cookies expire?

Once a cookie is set from your browser, one year from the last time we see your browser the cookie expires. KBM Group Interactive also generates an opt-out cookie, which has a lifespan of 50 years. 

How frequently does KBM Group Interactive delete data?

Aggregated transactional data that is used by KBM Group Interactive to make targeted advertisements is retained on a 48-month rolling basis. We automatically delete I-Behavior Interactive server log data as well as anonymous web browsing data six months after it is collected. 

What are KBM Group Interactive policies for using personally identifiable information?

Although KBM Group Interactive receives personally identifiable information from our clients, we do not share any personally identifiable information when serving online advertisements. The KBM Group Interactive product line uses proprietary systems and procedures using Non-PII data to preserve the anonymity of users. 

How is my personal information secured?

KBM Group invests heavily each year to ensure that the data KBM Group Interactive uses to produce relevant online advertisements is maintained accurately and housed securely. We protect the consumer, and our data, with both technology and business practices that mitigate the risk of unauthorized access. We use multiple layers of security, combining state-of-the-art firewall protection, strictly controlled access and other security measures to guard against unauthorized use or alteration of our data. Beyond this, we do not house any sensitive data that might be particularly attractive to identity thieves. We use reasonable industry security to protect data used by KBM Group Interactive for the purpose of making targeted online advertisements.

What is in KBM Group Interactive cookies?

KBM Group Interactive stores a unique identifier in your cookie which links that identifier to an anonymous profile stored on the KBM Group Interactive database servers. The anonymous profile stored on the KBM Group Interactive database may contain both Addressable Audience data as well as In-Market Audience and Re-Targeting Audience data. There is never any PII stored by I-Behavior Interactive in any of our cookies, or on our Interactive servers.

How do I opt-out of KBM Group Interactive?

If you would like to discontinue receiving relevant product recommendations from KBM Group Interactive clients, please click here. If you would like to discontinue receiving targeted advertising from NAI member ad networks, please click here. If you delete cookies, install a new browser or get a new computer, the opt-out cookie will need to be reset by coming back to this site. 

How does KBM Group Interactive protect children?

KBM Group Interactive never knowingly collects any information from children under 13 years old. KBM Group Interactive is not produced for, nor directed at children. Any data we may receive from a known minor is suppressed from all KBM Group Interactive products. If you believe that a child using your computer may have accidentally registered or purchased from one of our partners and has mistakenly received an KBM Group Interactive product recommendation, please click here for instructions on how to opt out of KBM Group's iBehavior data cooperative and request that registration information be removed from KBM Group's iBehavior cooperative database. 

How does KBM Group Interactive enforce its policies?

KBM Group and KBM Group Interactive were founded on the principle that by connecting consumers with products and services that are relevant and interesting to the consumer, KBM Group and KBM Group Interactive could help create a better consumer experience. The consumer's best interest is always our best interest. If we did not take extra measures to protect consumers and deliver relevant online advertisements, we would not be in business. iBehavior has been in business for over a decade, serving over 2,000 of the nation's leading retail, catalog and Internet merchants. KBM Group Interactive adheres to the DMA's Guidelines for Ethical Business Practices, the IAB's Online Best Practices and the Network Advertising Initiative Privacy Principles

Privacy Policy updates?

Please note that because of the changing nature of privacy laws, user needs, and our business, we may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time without the consent of users or by providing advance notice on our Web site before implementing such modifications. Accordingly, since we want to help you clearly understand our Privacy Policy, and any pertinent revisions, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy periodically to become aware of any changes that may have occurred.

We may disclose information if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to (a) comply with relevant laws, or to respond to subpoenas or warrants served on us; or (b) to protect or defend the rights, property or safety of KBM Group or any third party.


If you have any questions about KBM Group's Privacy Policy and the use of your information, please send an email to, or write us at KBM Group, Attn: Privacy Compliance Department, 2051 Dogwood Street, Suite 220, Louisville, CO 80027.