Interactive Marketing

Connecting your brand to the right audience.

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KBM Group brings data intelligence to marketing initiatives across all channels, so that you only deliver your offers to the people most likely to buy. KBM Group's iBehavior data cooperative includes purchase transaction data from its more than 2,800 multi-channel merchant members, representing $465 billion in purchases made by over 190 million U.S. Consumers.

Now, the power of this predictive data is available for targeting online audiences. As part of the WPP organization, the world's largest communications services group, and through its partnerships with some of the leading ad networks and digital media companies, we have created a suite of audience solutions to help brands reach the right consumers online.

Target the Right Customer for Your Brand with the Power of Predictive Data

KBM Group offers marketers a suite of audience solutions to help brands reach the right consumers. Our behavior-driven audiences are based on consumers' purchase or browse behaviors that demonstrate their interest in a specific product/service or category of products/services. Our digital audience solutions were developed so that you only deliver your marketing messages to your target audience.


  • Offline: 95% of U.S. adult population
  • Online: 75% U.S. adult population

Addressable Audiences

Reach known buyers of relevant products by delivering your message to consumers who have purchased at least two products from a product category within the past twelve months.

Predefined Audiences

  • 38 buyer lifestyle profiles
  • 26 shopper segments
  • 160 ShopCom CPG Categories
  • Vehicle Ownership
  • Credit Card Usage
  • AmeriLINK® Demographics

Facebook Audiences

Facebook represents 25% of online display inventory, reaching 900 million individuals worldwide. KBM Group now offers custom audiences for digital campaigns on Facebook. By leveraging the targeting power of our addressable audiences, brands can gain access to the rich, Facebook universe. 

Custom Audiences

KBM Group statisticians work with you to define your ideal audience

Re-Targeted Audiences

Improve conversion rates by serving targeted ads to shoppers who visited your website without purchasing.