Email and Reverse-Email Append

Fill in your data gaps, and improve personalized contact with your target audience.

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Append your data file with email addresses, or use our reverse email appending solution to identify names and postal addresses, giving you additional touch points to deliver relevant offers.

Email Append

Leveraging the aggregated purchase transaction data of KBM Group's iBehavior cooperative database, KBM Group  can append email addresses to your data file, allowing you to experience increased response rates by including email in your marketing mix. We match the postal address from your data file to our 100% opt-in, CAN-SPAM Compliant Email database, providing you with another cost-effective channel for reaching your audience.

Reverse Email Append

Additionally, KBM Group can enhance the value of your email records by appending first and last names along with complete postal mailing addresses. You benefit from industry-leading match rates of up to 45%, depending upon your original method of email address collection. You'll also get a more complete profile for communicating directly with your customer.

  • Name, address append to existing email records
  • 100 million email addresses tied to mailable postal address
  • 85 million+ mailable individuals
  • 70 million+ mailable households

Download the KBM Group Telephone/Email/Reverse Email Append Datasheet.