iBehavior Select™

Better data for more effective lists.

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iBehavior Select is an online list rental engine that draws on the robust data available from KBM Group's iBehavior cooperative database to generate lists for direct mail, digital and email campaigns. Many marketers prefer Select lists because of the wide range of criteria available for targeting your ideal customers. In addition to lifestyle, geographic and demographic information, iBehavior Select allows you to target individuals based on their past buying behavior − a powerful predictor of future purchases. 

iBehavior Select lists are ideal for:

  • Announcing new store openings, sales and special offers
  • Launching new products or services
  • Creating email and online marketing campaigns
  • Direct mail offers and catalogs

Generating prospect lists from iBehavior Select is fast and easy.

Simply sign up as a Select user then visit the iBehavior Select Portal. Enter your criteria, build your list and pay with a credit card. You'll be provided with names, emails and addresses for individuals most likely to buy from you.