iBehavior Insights™

With a better view of your data, what you see is opportunity.

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KBM Group's iBehavior Insights reveals your customer's purchase habits, their interests, what else they're buying, spending trends and how you're performing versus your competition. With Insights, you don't just get statistics − you get the answers you need to move your business forward.

Information needs:

  • Base Insights provides a view into the aggregated buying behavior of 190 million individual consumers across 40 product categories from KBM Group's iBehavior database. Base Insights delivers data on consumer demographics, product categories, recency and frequency of purchases, and a geographic view of where spending is occurring by category. 
  • Customer Insights provides a specific view of what your customers purchase behaviors are as they make purchases from you, other brands within your product category, or within the 40 product categories available on Insights, including important Market Share and Wallet Share statistics by product category.

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Insights for circulation:

  • Reveal the goods and services customers want by region
  • Take advantage of seasonality by understanding buying trends
  • Identify new customers and marketing opportunities
  • Understand your customers' advertising and purchasing preferences

Insights for marketing research:

  • Who to target and what products to offer
  • Customer demographics and purchasing profiles
  • Your market share and share of wallet
  • New product and adjacent market opportunities

Insights for merchandising:

  • What customers are buying outside your product category
  • How your buyers compare to your competitions' buyers
  • Which customer profiles are aligned with each of your products
  • What new products make sense for your customers