B2B Cooperative

The iBehavior B2B cooperative database is the only B2B cooperative  that categorizes and analyzes transaction data at the SKU-level. We also capture contact information based on the specific individual within an organization who made the purchase. This allows companies to target the specific business purchasers based on what they purchased in addition to where the purchase was made. This item-level view provides access to a more complete universe of names, and provides incremental, qualified prospects for your marketing efforts.

The iBehavior B2B cooperative database includes: 

  • 250 B2B data-contributing organizations
  • 72+ million business contacts
  • 20 Million Businesses
  • Over 1,600 Detailed Product Category Levels
  • Purchases tracked at the SKU(item) level by individual
  • Custom models built by our statisticians
  • Deep experience with online and offline business targeting

The iBehavior cooperative database allows you to acquire new customers, maximize purchases from existing customers, and reactivate lapsed customers. We'd like to show you how we can help you successfully build your customer base.

Please contact Lou Santangelo at lou.santangelo@kbmg.com, to learn more about our data solutions for B2B.