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Our customer acquisition, retention and optimization models identify the consumer attributes that predict future purchases.

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KBM Group's iBehavior data cooperative has been helping marketers improve the efficiency of their direct marketing programs since 1999. Our expertise spans a variety of verticals, including catalog, retail, finance, insurance, consumer magazine, non-profit, solo/continuity, and B2B. As a result, we've become experts at identifying the individuals most likely to buy your products and services.

The iBehavior Data Cooperative is the premier provider of consumer transaction data that helps multi-channel merchants invest marketing dollars more efficiently. Today more than 2,800 retail and catalog merchants contribute purchase transaction data to the iBehavior Data Cooperative. This data includes more than 12 billion SKU-level transactions representing over $460 billion in B2B and B2C purchases made by 190 million individual purchasers through both online and offline channels.

At its core, the iBehavior Data Cooperative is a data and analytics company that builds multivariate models and analyzes transaction-level purchase data to create predictive profiles of consumers and audience segments. The Company's 15 years' experience working with catalog, retail, finance, consumer magazine, insurance, solo and continuity programs, and B2B companies has resulted in the i-Behavior Data Cooperative's extensive expertise for identifying consumer behaviors and attributes that are strong predictors of future purchases.

Coop Snapshot

The iBehavior Data Cooperative offers data solutions that enhance both online and offline marketing strategies:

·         iBehavior Data Append Solutions extend a company's existing data property by appending additional,  actionable information to the data currently captured by a company on individuals or groups.

·         iBehavior Data Cooperative Membership establishes an on-going relationship providing custom  modeling services, and greater visibility into recency of purchases. 

·          iBehavior Addressable Audiences provide online or offline access to consumer groups who  consistently  purchase within certain categories, or across a combination of categories.

·         iBehavior Data Install License grants access to the iBehavior prospect database.

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