About Us

KBM Data Services (formerly known as iBehavior)

Based in Louisville, Colorado, KBM Data Services provides consumer and business transaction data that helps multi-channel merchants invest marketing dollars more effectively. Our company offers a data cooperative for direct marketing solutions, and an omni-channel Data Management Platform

KBM Data Services (a member of WPP, and part of the Wunderman network) acquired the iBehavior data cooperative  and Zipline Data Management Platform in 2010. KBM Data Services is a global data, analytics, and insights driven company. We help businesses worldwide use their data to improve marketing performance, increase profits, and ROI. Our data technology and thought leadership deliver breakthrough results enabling clients worldwide to dramatically grow their businesses.

The iBehavior database cooperative includes:

  • More than 2,800 data-contributing merchants
  • 190 million individuals
  • Over 30 million business contacts
  • Over 12 billion SKU-level transactions, representing more than $460 billion in purchases


Cooperative Marketing _Collage

Zipline Data Management Platform is KBM Group's powerful, enterprise-scaled data management platform that helps marketers connect, transform and activate customer and third-party data.

Zipline data unlocks powerful marketing insights and creates targetable audiences for omni-channel use. Zipline enables users to centralize their marketing efforts reaching across the web, social media, mobile devices, email, display and direct mail campaigns.

Zipline is backed by our commitment to help you better manage your brand, launch and grow product portfolios, optimize your creative campaigns and establish lasting customer relationships.