Benefits of Joining

I-Behavior's Data Cooperative helps you exponentially increase the reach and effectiveness of your customer data.

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I-Behavior is the premier provider of consumer transaction data that helps multi-channel merchants invest marketing dollars more efficiently. 

I-Behavior's cooperative members contribute transactional data to the I-Behavior cooperative database in exchange for highly qualified, modeled prospects. 

Why join the I-Behavior Cooperative?

  • Allows access to a more complete universe of names
  • Eliminates duplicates and "low potential" names
  • Provides visibility into recency of purchases
  • Provides access to transactional data so you can target purchasers who are most likely to purchase again
  • Results in better predictive modeling due to expanded variables linked to each data record - providing more detail on the individual

The I-Behavior cooperative database includes:

  • More than 2,600 data-contributing retail and catalog merchants
  • Over 30 million business contacts
  • 190 million individuals
  • Over 12 billion SKU-level transactions, representing more than $435 billion in B2B and B2C purchases

Custom modeling and data solutions help multi-channel merchants meet campaign objectives: